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9 Romantic Valentines Day Gifts - 2022 Valentines Day Gift Guide

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The month of love is quickly approaching, and it’s time to buckle down and prepare! Valentines Day will be upon us quicker than you can say, “Sorry hunny, I forgot.” In order to spare you the heartache, we’ve compiled a few items that anyone who enjoys makeup and skincare would love to receive!

1. Strength 'n Length Mineral Mascara 

vegan mascara valentines day

Our Mineral Mascara is a tried and true holy grail product, with hundreds of our customers coming back for it time and time again! This mascara is vegan, gluten-free, and organic and fits every skin type. EVXO's vegan mascara not only enhances the look of your lashes, but also improves their durability!

2. Vegan Cheek Palette

vegan cheek palette blush bronzer

We expanded our product line in January of 2022, and one of the products we're most excited by is our vegan cheek palette! Withe three blushes, two bronzers and a versatile highlighter to choose from, you can get a ton of different looks out of this one product. It comes with a high quality mirror and sleek black packaging. If your partner is into makeup, this is sure to be a winner this Valentines Day. 

3. Prep & Primer Pore Smoothing Serum

pore smoothing serum

EVXO Cosmetics has crossed the boundary between skincare and makeup with this Pore Smoothing Serum and Primer. It moisturizes your skin, fills and improves your pores, and acts as a great base for your makeup. With this serum, your skin literally improves while you wear your makeup. 

4. Reusable Bamboo Fiber Makeup Remover Pads

valentines day gift for her

This is one of our favorite products here at EVXO HQ, due to it being one of the most sustainable items we offer! It contains no plastic packaging, the box it comes in is recyclable (though we can't imagine why you'd want to toss it, it's so cute) and the bamboo microfiber pads last for years and years with the correct care. I've personally been using the same pack for a year, and while a little stained, they're just as soft as when I first started using them!

5. Vegan Liquid Lipsticks

Vegan Liquid Lipstick

Another new product this year, these vegan Liquid Lipsticks are already quickly becoming a best seller! We've started out with 4 gorgeous, versatile shades. Bombshell, Siren, Vixen, and Ruby are all guaranteed to look gorgeous on any skin tone! These lovely lipsticks have a solid 12-16 hour wear time for long work days or late nights out. 

6. Plum Rose Eyeshadow Palette

vegan eyeshadow palette

This vegan eyeshadow palette contains 5 gorgeous shades to create lovely neutral eye looks. It's a great starter palette for anyone just beginning their makeup journey, and a lovely gift for anyone who may not have these shades in their collection already! It comes with a high-quality mirror and a professional grade brush. 

7. Exfoliating Unscented Loofah Bars

loofah bars

These vegan Loofah Bar Soaps were one of our first body products, and they've remained our best selling one! They lather the skin beautifully while gently removing dead skin cells. They're unscented and use organic ingredients, so they're an amazing product for sensitive skin! These bad boys come in a pack of two, making them a great bang for your buck.

8. Organic Lemon Lip Scrub

lip scrub vegan

Sticking with the skincare theme, give them the gift of luscious lips this Valentines Day! Our Lip Scrub uses organic sugar and oils, and the lemon oil is also food grade, making it safe to ingest. And trust me, a little is likely to get in your mouth, but it's not at all unpleasant. For best use, use a fingertip full and gently circle the product on your lips. Wash off with water and glory in how soft and moisturized your lips feel!

9. Peekaboo Liquid Mineral Foundation 

vegan foundation

We'd be remise to not mention our classic organic liquid foundation! This foundation is our all time best seller, with a gorgeous sustainable glass bottle and push button wood topper for optimal control. Using incredible ingredients like chamomile, thyme, and rosemary, this product also improves your skin while you wear it. For shade matching assistance, feel free to contact our amazing customer service team!

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