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Gluten-Free Cosmetics

Gluten-Free COSMETICS Are Available And Affordable

EVXO’s Organic Liquid Foundation

Below are a few examples of the amazing gluten-free makeup products we offer:

EVXO's Organic Liquid Foundation is formulated to not only even out your skin and keep you looking natural and glowing, but it also improves your skin while you wear it with skin helping ingredients like thyme and chamomile. This vegan foundation also includes gluten-free vitamin E, which is rare in cosmetics as most of the time vitamin E is taken from wheat ingredients. We’d hate for someone with celiac disease to miss out on this best selling product, and fortunately they won’t have to with EVXO's gluten free cosmetics!

We also carry 7 beautifully versatile Organic Lipstick shades, all of which have zero gluten and therefor zero chance of being ingested and causing an allergic reaction in someone with a gluten intolerance. Our hydrating, creamy lipstick formula is a crowd pleaser and we’re proud to say that whether you’re a strict vegan or someone who can’t process gluten, this is the lipstick for you. Inclusivity is our highest priority, so there is a lipstick shade for every skin tone in our collection.

EVXO’s Organic Mineral Mascara

Finally, let's talk about EVXO's Organic Mineral Mascara. I’ve read horror stories from celiacs who dabbled in eye products that contained gluten and the horrible inflammation they experienced because of it. Fortunately our customers can avoid that issue altogether with our amazing mascara formula. Whether you prefer a natural application or a more dramatic look, you can achieve both with our lovely cruelty free mascara. You can also rest easy knowing it’s formulated with the best organic ingredients and it’s formulated for sensitive eyes!

With these cosmetic staples in your makeup kit, you’ll heavily reduce your chances of a painful reaction. Finding gluten-free alternatives to the everyday products you use is a major pain in the you know what, but we at EVXO want to make it as easy for you as possible. 

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What You Need to Know About Gluten-Free Cosmetics

At this point we’ve all heard about gluten-free diets, but gluten effects way more than just a person’s waistline. If you suffer from gluten intolerance, as about one in one-hundred people do, wheat, rye and barley can cause you genuine stomach discomfort. Thus the question arises, can gluten in cosmetics affect those with celiac disease?

I’ve written in previous blog posts about how much of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies. However, gluten cannot be absorbed through the skin. Since the gluten proteins are very large, it’s basically impossible for it to be absorbed. Despite this fact, celiacs should still veer towards gluten-free makeup.

Why Gluten-Free Makeup Is Important

Why? Well, have you ever been wearing lipstick or chapstick and licked your lips without thinking? Or had flakes of mascara get into your eyes? With any sort of cosmetic product, there’s a decent chance of it getting into your system one way or another. While allergic reactions from cosmetics are rare in celiacs, the chances completely come down to your body's level of sensitivity as it varies from person to person. Your safest bet is to do your best to avoid gluten products altogether when possible, and fortunately with makeup more and more companies are making a conscious effort to be inclusive to the Celiac and Gluten-free community.

Unfortunately there aren’t many brands like us out there that offer gluten-free makeup, but we’re happy to be at the head of that movement offering some of the best gluten free cosmetics on the market. We’re dedicated to offering only the most fabulous of gluten-free makeup.

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