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Best Vegan & Organic Gifts - 2021 Affordable Gift Guide under $20

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Every year the EVXO team gets together to curate a list of the best affordable products we offered these past 12 months. This year is much different, because EVXO Cosmetics has finally expanded to bath and body products!

Every gift idea we’ve included here is meant to delight the recipient as well as restore their skin, brows and lashes. Make this Christmas season meaningful by purchasing thoughtful, eco friendly gifts for your friends and family!

1. Swipe Right Lip & Cheek Tint

organic lip tint vegan blush

With four dynamic shades to choose from, there's a color for every skin tone! If you're loved one is fair skinned, choose Peony or Cosmos. If they have deeper skin, get them the shade Tulip or Dahlia! While these are primarily blushes, they can also be used as a lip tint, making them a multipurpose product. 

Price: $15.99

2. Reusable Bamboo Microfiber Makeup Remover Pads

reusable bamboo fiber makeup remover pads

Want to share the gift of being eco-friendly this holiday season? For under $20, you can ensure your friend or family member doesn't have to buy single use cotton balls or rounds for the remainder of the year! One box of our reusable makeup remover pads comes with 16 multi use pads and a laundry bag to put the dirty ones in. 

Price: $ 13.99    

3. Organic Lipstick

organic red lipstick vegan lipstick

What color is better for the holiday season than our true red lipstick in Red Wine? With ingredients like mango butter, cocoa butter, and capuacu butter, this lipstick couldn't be any more hydrating if it tried!

Price: $17.99

4. Strength ‘n Length Mineral Mascara

vegan mascara gluten free mascara

This vegan and organic mascara is our second best seller for a reason! This mascara is long lasting and formulated with organic ingredients that help restore and maintain the strength of your lashes. It doesn't clump and gives your lashes a lovely amount of volume. 

Price: $19.99

5. Green Tea Bath Bomb

christmas bathbomb

What screams Christmas more than these vegan Green Tea Bath Bombs? These bath bombs contain epsom salts which gently exfoliate your skin while you soak, and almond oil that leaves your body feeling like you've just applied lotion. These are easily the most hydrating bath bombs we've ever used! 

Price: $6.99 for one and 11.99 for two

6. Exfoliating Unscented Loofah Bar (2 Pack)

loofah soap

These loofah soaps use natural loofah as opposed to the synthetic stuff you usually see in stores. Organic and locally farmed, these loofah's are cut and infused in our hydrating soaps giving you maximum exfoliation and moisturization when used!

Price: $12.99

7. Organic Lemon Sugar Scrub 

vegan sugar scrub for lips

Lips needing a little love this winter season? Our new Vegan and Organic Sugar Scrubs for your lips are the perfect solution for cracked lips and make an incredibly thoughtful gift! Once this lemon flavored scrub has been applied and washed off, your lips feel as if you've applied a hydrating chapstick. 

Price: $11.99


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