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Strength ‘n Length Mineral Mascara

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Why You'll Love Our Vegan Mineral Mascara

  • STRENGTHENS & LENGTHENS - EVXO’s Organic Mascara is made with natural and organic ingredients to keep your lashes strong, healthy and looking longer than ever! Our Natural Mascara is the perfect replacement for your average harmful chemical drugstore mascara!
  • GENTLE AND NON-TOXIC - You won’t find any artificial colors, harmful preservatives, or fragrances in our cruelty free mascara! This is the best mascara for sensitive eyes!
  • SOFT, LONG, LUSH LASHES - Our Mineral Mascara Makeup adds volume and length while applying evenly and smoothly with no flakes, clumps or smudges. Apply one coat for a natural finish or add multiple coats for a dramatic look! You can easily maintain your natural beauty with this organic makeup.
  • LASTS ALL DAY - You won’t need any touch ups with this vegan mascara! Our long-lasting mascara applies smoothly and removes easily at the end of the day. Say goodbye to waking up with eye makeup residue on your face and pillows!

Why choose our Organic Mineral Mascara?

In formulating our All Natural and Organic Mascara, we looked at what we liked and didn't like in other Mascara products. We wanted long lasting color, thick, full lashes, and vegan and organic ingredients, so that’s precisely what we made! You won’t find any harmful chemicals in our vegan mascara like you will with most drugstore mascaras.

What You'll Get With Our Mascara

Here are a few of the key features of our organic mascara and how they benefit you:

Organic Ingredients

Organic Ingredients

Our All Natural Mascara is formulated to increase Lash Volume while foregoing the chemicals other companies use. This organic mascara is designed to be gentle on the most sensitive of eyes!

Bold Color

Bold Color

Jet Black for extreme stand-out lashes and a deep color intensity. Accentuate your natural beauty with stunning, bold lashes!

More Options

More Options

You can put on a light layer of our cruelty free mascara for a subtle look, or clump it up and give yourself a more dramatic look. 

Rave Reviews for EVXO Cruelty-Free Mineral Mascara

"I have tried so many natural mascaras, and this one is the best! It goes on easily, looks great, and it stays on! All other natural mascaras I have tried have flaked or smudged off easily. I am so happy!"
"Won't have to look for mascara anymore!! This is the one! No irritation, goes on perfectly, no clumping, worn it all day and no flaking or smudging. I have allergies and sinus issues, this bothers neither. Excellent product."
"I'm so happy I found this mascara. I react to so many chemicals, so I was looking for something organic. I've worn this mascara for 4 days now, have had no reaction, no watering eyes, no itching ,burning, or other irritations that I have with other mascaras."

We Care About Sustainability

EVXO is constantly working to reduce waste associated with our vegan organic cosmetics. In order to accomplish that, we've elected not to use clamshell packaging or any additional plastic on this product beyond the container, and the bag Amazon requires for shipping. Good for the planet, Good for the animals, Good for your lashes!

How to Use

How to use our Mineral Mascara

  • Wipe excess mascara off of the brush and onto some tissue paper to avoid clumps. While our formula is not generally clumpy, there will be excess product on the brush because it's your first time using it. Too much mascara is the perfect recipe for clumps!
  • Focus the majority of the product on the base of your lashes, and then wiggle the wand up. Too much product on the ends of your lashes will weigh them down and cause them to stick straight out instead of pointing upwards.
  • For thicker looking lashes, coat both sides. Brush them down first, and then brush up from the base. This will also give your lashes more of a lift, but it's a slippery slope that can lead to clumping if you're not careful! I'd recommend only using one coat if you choose to use this method.
  • Hold the brush at a horizontal angle if you want thick lashes, or turn it vertically for a more light and natural finish.

INGREDIENTS: Olive oil, rice bran wax, Carnauba and candelila wax, mineral black, safe pH adjuster as per EWG skindeep data base and phenoxyethanol as preservative.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

My favorite mascara for like 7 years now. It never irritates my eyes like other mascaras do. Good natural ingredients and lengthens my lashes beautifully!

Elisabeth R
My favorite mascara

Goes on nicely. Comes off cleanly.

Glenna Sper

I've had an infection on my left eye and was not able to use it completely. I tried it on the right eye, and it looks like I will love it, I've been waiting to use it so long, but I can't until the bacterial infection is gone. Thanks, I know that I will order more.


Strength ‘n Length Mineral Mascara

One of the best natural mascaras!

It lasts the whole day, makes lashes more prolonged and voluminous and doesn’t cause eye irritation. It's one of the best natural mascaras out there!