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Makeup Tips for Mature Skin

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Whether you’ve been a long time smoker, tanned until your skin crisped, or have lived a life full of stress, we all end up facing the effects of aging at some point or another. We harp on and on about preventing wrinkles and doing your best to keep your skin healthy, but what do you do when nature has simply taken its course?

If you didn’t get the skincare memo or you’re just at an age where wrinkles and fine lines are a part of life, it’s not an inherently bad thing. You aren’t cursed to live the remainder of your life feeling like you aren’t looking your best. Aging is beautiful, and the tips I’m going to give you in this article are simply to assist you in feeling as beautiful as you are.

Working with Wrinkly Eyelids

organic makeup for mature skin

The major downside of applying makeup to skin with wrinkles is the texture. If you have thinner skin with wrinkly eyelids, putting on eyeshadow can be challenging. Some people will overcompensate by adding much too much product to their eyelids.

In actuality, this hurts more than it helps. Using minimal products on wrinkly eyelids is best! Using a matte primer with a concealer-like consistency will lessen the appearance of fine lines on mature skin. Like eye primer, choose a matte finish eyeshadow for your eye makeup look. Using eyeshadow with a sparkly, shimmery finish with once again highlight any wrinkles on your eyelids.

Makeup Brushes for Mature Skin

soft makeup brushes for mature skin

The important thing here is to avoid brushes with harsh textures. If the end of the bristles is hard, they’re not the correct brushes for mature skin. The goal here is to avoid the skin as little as possible. Regardless of your age, the skin on your eyelids and around your eyes is the thinnest skin on your body.

Mature skin is delicate, and you want to baby it as much as possible. For this reason, choose the softest brushes you can find! There are plenty of vegan synthetic makeup brushes to choose from. You don’t need to use real hairbrushes to get the softest application. Check out these brushes here!

Applying Eyeliner to Mature Eyes

organic eyeliner for mature skin

We’ve mentioned already that the skin of your eyes is delicate and soft. The issues with makeup brushes also apply to your eyeliner pencils. Using a pencil with a harsh feel will tear at and irritate your eyelids. Instead, choose a creamy eye pencil that applies smoothly.

Alternatively to pencil liner, gel eyeliner is a great choice for mature skin. There’s a learning curve to applying eyeliner with a brush, but with a little practice, your eyeliner will look better and smoother than it has in years!

Smudge your Eyeliner

eyeliner for aging skin

The way you applied your liner years ago probably won’t serve you now. Harsh lines on the face have the wrong effect, making your eyelids look heavy and aged. Instead, apply the liner from the middle of your eyelids to the ends and lightly pat them to smoke it out. Brown liner tends to be better than black for this method. Feel free to play around with this tip and see what you like best! By doing this, you can completely skip eyeshadow altogether for a more natural makeup look.

Mascara Tips for Mature Skin 

organic mascara for mature skin

With aging comes grace and maturity, but it can also come with some health issues. If you have any trouble with your thyroid or skin conditions, this can affect your eyelashes. If your eyelashes are brittle, you want to use a mascara with high quality, organic ingredients. EVXO Cosmetics carries an organic, vegan mascara with ingredients to help strengthen your lashes! With over 150 5 star reviews on Amazon, most buyers have stated that this mascara is perfect for mature makeup users! Check it out here.

 Choose Moisturizing Foundations

organic foundation for combination skin

With skin products, you actually want to choose foundation fit for oily skin as opposed to choosing matte products. Matte foundations will settle into any crease on your face, making you look much older. Dewy foundations, however, act as a second skin and feel more like skincare than makeup. EVXO Cosmetics also offers a great dewy foundation for mature skin! This foundation contains organic ingredients like thyme, rosemary, and vitamin E to help aid your skin's elasticity. Learn more about EVXO's Organic Mineral Foundation in this article about the best foundation for dry skin

Curious to learn more? Leave a question in the comments and we will include your question in our next article about makeup for mature skin! 







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