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How To: Cover Postpartum Hair Loss with EVXO Brow Powder Makeup

In the weeks after I had my son, my body did plenty of horribly unfortunate things. From stretching to sagging to leaking, I realized I had to say goodbye to my old “normal” body and welcome my new and improved(?) mom bod. I didn’t, however, realize I’d be welcoming new changes months after giving birth.

I’d always heard of postpartum hair loss, but figured I’d narrowly avoided that fate when I still had a head full of hair weeks after the fact. When other mothers would complain of hair loss after having a baby, I would oh so humbly express my gratitude to the gods for not having their experience. I was still actively taking my prenatal vitamins and thought perhaps they had helped me keep my luscious locks.

Then when my son was about 3.5 months old, the shedding started. For about a week I can recall pulling my hair off things and getting super annoyed. I was pulling it off my clothes, sweeping it off the floor, and the most annoying one was having to pick it off my baby. You wouldn’t believe how easily your hair can get stuck in a babies rolls. Trust me, I wish I didn’t know that.

Looking in the mirror one day, I saw it. A patch where there had not been one before. The hair around my hairline was thinning, and it was thinning noticeably. This stressed me out a bit at first, but fortunately, I’ve always been one of those “Who cares about your hair, it grows back” people. Granted I said those words after poorly cutting my own bangs, not postpartum hair loss, but this was definitely in the same vein. So after I talked myself down off the edge, I started thinking of solutions.

Would I wear a hat for the remainder of the year, or longer if my hair decided to be difficult? Headbands? … A turban? While I like a good hat, it gets hot in California and headbands give me headaches. So I turned to makeup.

I grabbed my EVXO Organic Pomade Wax and got to work. What I ended up with was a disgustingly greasy look that I would definitely not recommend. Use pomade on your brows, not your hairline kids. Learn from my mistakes. After that, I tried my EVXO Organic Brow Powder instead. Using a thick brow brush and soft, brush-like strokes, I got my desired effect. I actually have my hair filled in in the intro of the following video and personally, I don’t think you can tell until the tutorial starts and you see my patch.

If you’re struggling with hair loss after having your baby or just regular hair loss for any reason, makeup is here to save the day. In my video tutorial above, I’ll show you exactly how I cover mine. I hope you find it helpful! Just remember, it’s hair. It grows back.


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