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Welcome to the New EVXO!

Welcome to our new EVXO website.  We’re really pleased to be launching it on Earth Day, because EVXO is all about how we can best live as a member of the community of all living things on this planet. We think that what’s you’re all about, too,  or you wouldn’t be reading this.  And that’s why we take so much time and care to bring you healthy, organic, vegan cosmetics that not only are made with zero animal products or animal testing but also provide natural nutrition to your skin.  Our thanks to the many of you who have given us such great reviews over the past year; that’s enabled us to grow and offer even more kinds of healthy cosmetics to more and more people.

We’ve also heard those of you that have asked us to find some more sustainable packaging options for some of our products. And we have great news!  Over the next several months we will be switching our plastic foundation bottles to glass bottles with a sustainable wooden push button top. We’re very excited about this change as it not only is better for the environment, but this new packaging pump will allow our customers better control over the product, as the previous foundation pump always only dispensed the same amount. This change is bringing us closer to our goal of completely removing non-sustainable materials from our line. We thank you for supporting us through all of our changes and hope you will continue to do so.


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