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Hi all!


February is just around the corner, and while this month is mostly uneventful, it does have one thing going for it.


It’s almost time for Valentines Day! Have you thought about what you’re getting your partner if you have one? Well forget them, 2018 is about treating yourself!


Whether you’re having a night out with friends or a date night with your significant other, everyone needs a perfect red lip for Valentines Day.

Our shade in Red Wine is flattering for every and all skin tones! It’s by far our best selling lipstick because it’s such a crowd pleaser for those seeking the best natural makeup. EVXO’s organic lipsticks are vegan, gluten free and full coverage with a shimmery finish! 

Do yourself a favor this Valentines Day and keep your lips looking glam and hydrated with our amazing, moisturizing formula! 

You can find our lipsticks here !


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