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When it comes to choosing products for my makeup line, I have one requirement and one requirement only. (You know, besides that it has to be cruelty-free, vegan, parabon-free, organic, gluten-free, and everything else under the sun.) My one qualifying factor is that it has to be a product I reach for every single time I sit at my makeup table. I don’t want to settle for good enough, I want my cosmetics to be the best out of all the products I own. Our foundation was the first product that we sold, because it was the first product we made that met that goal for me.

I love our foundation so much that I don’t even own another. When I first started testing out the formula, I was concerned about the coverage because I was so used to full coverage foundations. After extensive use I realized just how wrong I was about the amount of coverage my skin needs. I look back at old photos and my face looked like a matte mask. My skin must have been screaming for air and I recall heavily struggling with acne. Considering my cake face, that’s really no wonder.

I was stuck in a perpetual cycle. I’d clog my pores with makeup, break out, and then have to cake on more. With our foundation formula I managed to break the cycle. I’m so glad I stuck with it, because it actually made my skin better. I don’t mean to brag (I totally mean to brag), but our foundation has some of the highest quality ingredients you’re going to find in any skin product. Our Organic Liquid Mineral Foundation contains a plethora of ingredients that improve skin such as chamomile, thyme, aloe, shea butter and vitamin E. All of these ingredients work together to brighten and clear our skin while we’re busy living our best lives.

That being said, as the owner of EVXO I realize that my word is undoubtedly biased. So to give some perspective, let’s talk about the negative aspects of this foundation.

“But Brittni,” You say in your imaginary voice that I’ve made up in my head, “You just spent four paragraphs convincing me to buy this foundation. How can you claim it’s so great and still say it has negative aspects? Isn’t that contradictory?”

Actually no, imaginary customer, it isn’t. My vegan foundation does exactly what it’s supposed to do, and in that it’s perfect. It’s a light to medium coverage foundation with a dewy finish that spreads like vegan butter. It also has a lovely, naturally sweet scent. It does what it’s supposed to, but different people need different things from their foundation. Someone who has very oily skin and who can’t tolerate products with a scent will hate our foundation. The last thing a person with incredibly oily skin wants is a foundation that makes them look even more dewy.

So to answer the question you did not ask, is this foundation for everyone? No, but only because there is no one product that works for everyone. Is it for most people? Well, yeah. I think it is. So many of our repeat customers who bought our foundation have sent me personal messages talking about the improvements in their skin and their confidence. Every one of those messages boosts me immeasurably and reminds me of why I made this cruelty free cosmetics brand.


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