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How Important is a Morning Routine?

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The choices you make every single morning set the tone for what you’re going to achieve that day. If you’re repeatedly hitting the snooze button, that sets the precedent that you’re not striving to be your best. Let’s say you do get out of bed after a couple of snoozes on your alarm clock, but instead of jumping into your day, you pull out your phone and scroll Facebook for 45 minutes instead. What starts as a “lazy morning” quickly becomes a habit. Unfortunately, bad habits are much easier to form than healthy habits, which is why we have to stay vigilant about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

the importance of a morning routine

You can avoid falling into bad morning habits altogether by having a solid morning routine that you’re motivated to follow. It’s easy to say, “I’m going to get up at 5 am every day!” However, if you’re a person that normally gets up at 9 am, that probably isn’t going to be sustainable. That’s not to say that waking up early isn’t vital. Try to get up about two hours earlier than you get up now (assuming you’re not already waking up at 5 am, 3 am is way too ungodly) to add more time in your day to be productive. 

Instead of waking up ten minutes before you have to leave the house and feeling like you haven’t had a moment to yourself all day, you can get up calmly, have your morning beverage whether that be coffee, tea, or a big glass of water (which I personally recommend) and relax knowing you have all the time in the world before work. When you wake up early and get your mind and body in a good space, you’re giving yourself better control of your day and in the bigger picture, your life. 

Now that we’ve discussed why a morning routine is important, let’s go over some ideas of what you can add to your morning routine that makes you excited to get out of bed every day:

guided meditation
  1. 10 minute guided meditation - The goal of a morning routine isn’t necessary to have more time in a day to work. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. This is your time of the day to be mindful and take care of yourself. Download an app like calm or headspace and just let yourself be for a few minutes. 
  2. Drink a large glass of water - I’m the first person to raise my hand when someone offers coffee so I’m certainly not trying to take it away from you. However, after a full night's rest, our body needs to hydrate. Make a personal policy that you have to earn your coffee by first drinking a large glass of cold water. 
  3. Do a short exercise - Whether it’s yoga or a run around the block, starting your day off with some physical activity is a fantastic way to start your day. This will really get your metabolism going and your body will thank you for it. 
  4. Do morning pages - Morning pages are where you sit down and just write for three entire pages. The benefits of morning pages have proven to be virtually endless. It can reduce anxiety, make you more in tune with your intuition, have a therapeutic effect, and most importantly, doing morning pages can potentially help you unlock some great ideas you didn’t know you had. The idea for a million-dollar business may very well be locked inside your mind, and you wouldn’t have accessed it if not for writing down your stream of consciousness. 

Hopefully, some of these ideas have resonated with you! Healthy habits can be difficult to build, so feel free to start small. Wake up 30 minutes earlier and cut that down by another 30 minutes every week until you’re where you want to be. Continue stacking up your healthy morning habits as you go until your morning looks the way you imagined it. You will be absolutely shocked by how having an ideal morning every day will change your life!


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