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Five 2020 Fall Natural Makeup Trends You’re Going To Love

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Are you feeling sad that Summer is long behind us? Did you miss out on all the hot trends? Well, never fear, Fall 2020 is here! Along with the new season comes new trends for those who like to stay in the loop of the year’s hottest makeup looks. Whether you’re trying to increase your Instagram following or just look fantastic in those holiday photos, these looks are for you!
2020 fall makeup trends

1. Subtle Blush

organic cream blush stick
No matter what time of year it is, we love a perfect rosy cheek! This year, you’re going to see a much more natural appearance when it comes to cheek tints inspired by that cute little pinch of pink in your cheeks on a chilly day. To achieve this look, all you need to do is use a tiny touch more of your favorite blush and make sure to blend it out toward your temples. Easy as that!

2. Glossy Lips

vegan lipgloss organic lipstick
Just like a classic rosy cheek, lip gloss is a trend that never fails. Unlike the days of sticky lips, we now have a thin, easily spreadable gloss that goes perfectly with any look. Whether you’re wearing a full face of makeup or going for a more neutral look, a clear gloss can make those gorgeous lips of yours pop!

3. Natural Brows

vegan brow pomade organic eyebrow powder
Trying to perfect your brows is already hard enough without trends like the feather, wiggly, and halo eyebrow trends we have seen over the years. If you thought those looks were going to give you a run for your money, then this is the year for you! A natural brow can be the perfect touch for whatever plans you may have, and it is also easy to achieve. For some excellent tips and tricks, see here!

4. Mauve accents

mauve lipstick organic blush stick vegan cheek tint
For those of you who appreciate a more downplayed look, the season of mauve is now. Perfect for eyes, lips, and cheeks, mauve is making an appearance on celebrities and Instagram influencers. As opposed to those deep, unflattering Fall shades, mauve is perfect for any skin tones. It gives you that feeling of leaving Summer, and it’s dramatic tones behind, and bringing in the colder season with a cooler tone. 

5. Dewy skin

Who doesn’t love a nice, dewy natural appearance? I know I do! A dewy face is relatively easy to achieve and goes perfectly with the looks listed above. It may seem like a trend that only young people can achieve, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth! Even mature women can get the dewy skin look with the right regimen and direction, and this article is perfect for getting you started. While you're at it, check out EVXO's Organic Foundation and use the tips you learned here! 


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