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EVXO's 3 Best Organic Vegan Makeup Products

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Get to Know our Best Sellers! 

EVXO Cosmetics Organic Best Sellers vegan makeup

If you’re new to the beauty world, I’m sure you’re wondering what all the hype is about. It can be difficult to navigate what products to spend your hard-earned money on. I’ve put together a handy dandy guide of our best sellers, including facts about why our customers love them! 

EVXO Cosmetics has made sure that all of the below products are as close to nature as possible, meaning these products are organic, non-nano, vegan cosmetics. When you shop with EVXO you’re saying NO to harmful chemicals and animal cruelty while saying YES to natural beauty!

When you make the conscious decision to switch to natural beauty cosmetic products, you remove harmful toxins, skin-irritating paragons, and artificial fragrances. Every single one of our fan favorites not only is free of all of that scariness, but they are also infused with anti-aging agents and skin repairing vitamins. Read on to find out why these products are so popular!

1. Peek-a-boo Organic Liquid Mineral Foundation

organic foundation liquid full coverage concealer vegan gluten free

There’s a reason EVXO’s best selling foundation is so popular! This foundation hits the trifecta, not only being organic and vegan, thus making it cruelty-free, but it's also gluten-free! For most of us, the first two factors are enough to press that buy button! But for a small subset of the population with celiac disease, this is actually very vital. The gluten in most cosmetics can give those with more sensitive skin breakouts and rashes. At EVXO, we do our best to be as inclusive as possible, and this includes making sure we offer gluten-free makeup for our more sensitive friends. 

While one layer of our best selling Liquid Mineral Foundation will give you healthy. sheer coverage, we advertise it as buildable for a reason. This foundation formula is sheer enough to build up to medium/full coverage without giving you a cakey look and feel to your skin. Our foundation is infused with ingredients like thyme and vitamin E that give your skin the gift of healing it while you wear it!  

Here's a testimony from one of our long time customers: 

"So glad I discovered this foundation! 


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