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Easy Vegan Organic DIY Lipstick Recipe

Easy Vegan Organic DIY Lipstick Recipe

Organic and vegan lipsticks can be really expensive, which is unfortunate for those of us who just want a natural touch of color to our lips. While purples and orange shades are fun to play with on occasion, I personally tend to rock a natural look on the daily. If you can say the same, this lipstick recipe is for you. 

This easy 5 ingredient recipe is versatile and a lot of fun to make. It also makes a wonderful addition to any gift bag! I certainly wish I'd known how to make it when I was putting together the gift boxes for my baby shower. 

To make this recipe you will need the following: 


  • 1 Tsp Organic Coconut Oil (or Jojoba Oil) 
  • 3/4 Tsp Candelilla Wax (This is an alternative to beeswax)
  • 1 tsp Organic Raw cocoa butter 
  • Organic Beetroot Powder (the more you use, the more pigmented your lipstick will be!)
  • Essential oil of your choice (I prefer peppermint) 


Combining Steps: 

  1. You can purchase small glass pot containers if you don't already have any on hand, or you can also use an old chapstick container. 
  2. put the Coconut oil, candlelilla wax and Cocoa Butter in the glass container and place in the Microwave for 2- seconds until the contents are fully melted. 
  3. Let cool for 10-20 mins
  4. Add in your beetroot powder. Remember you can always add more, never less. I would start with about 1tsp and add as needed.
  5. Add in your essential oil
  6. Put the container in the fridge to solidify it. 


While beetroot will give you the most natural effect, feel free to experiment with other pigments like rosehips or eyeshadow pigments for more interesting colors! 

This recipe is so quick and easy, you and whoever you give it to are guaranteed to love it. 



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