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Cruelty-free and Vegan Mothers Day Gift Guide

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Three months ago I gave birth to my son, meaning I can officially celebrate this coming Mother’s Day as a mom myself. I don’t think there will ever be a better time than right now for me to put together this Mother’s Day Gift Guide, so here are the products I think your mom would appreciate this coming Mother’s Day! 

EVXO Cosmetics Founder Brittni Livingston

The typical Mother’s Day gift tends to be a box of chocolates and a piece of jewelry that says “mom”, which she’ll likely never wear. What moms really need is to be pampered! Most of us are probably too busy for a spa day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get us stuff to do the pampering at home. 

Organic Gift Ideas

Baths are wonderful for at home pampering, so I highly recommend taking a peek a Lush’s line of bath bombs to start things off. They have every scent you could possibly want, and they even have bath bombs specifically designed for Mother’s Day! For only 5-6 dollars, you’re giving your mom a great soak with tons of fizzy fun, as described on Lush’s website

Lush Bath Bomb

While a hot bath is great and much needed, it does strip your body of its natural oils. A good rule of thumb is to always moisturize your body after a bath, and that’s where EVXO’s Organic Body Butter comes in. This body butter contains raw unrefined Shea butter, avocado oil, and actually has real rose petals inside! It’s a gorgeous, great smelling gift that your mom is guaranteed to love. 

Organic Body Butter

When it comes to cosmetics, most of us don’t have 30 minutes to do a full face before we leave the house. Though if I do want to look nice that day, there are a few key products that I can slap on quickly and look like I put effort in. 


Firstly, EVXO’s Organic Liquid Mineral Foundation works for most skin types and has just enough coverage to even out your skin, but is light enough to make it look like you’re not wearing any at all. The “no makeup” makeup look is my personal go to, and this foundation is great for that. 

organic foundation

Second I go in with the EVXO Organic Mascara in black. Some women prefer brown or blue mascaras, but if you’ve never seen your mom wearing either of those colors then black is the safest option. Seeing as you want to switch out any eye product pretty frequently to avoid building bacteria, not having to buy your own mascara is a gift within itself. To top it off, this mascara is both lengthening and thickening and happens to be a real crowd pleaser! 

organic mascara

My third step is brows, and frankly even if I do nothing else, I will do my brows because they look absolutely abysmal if I leave them naked. For this I use EVXO’s Organic Brow Pomade in Dark. Pomades are a fantastic gift because they’re essentially three products in one. They keep your brow hairs in place, define them, and set them. A good pomade doesn’t move once applied, and this is definitely a good pomade. 

vegan brow pomade

Finally, a good lipstick can take your look from every day to glam. EVXO offers a Vegan Lipstick in Red Wine which happens to be a true red, and a true red looks great on every skin tone. If your mom never wears lipstick feel free to disregard this suggestion, but if she does I think she’ll love Red Wines creamy texture and great pigment. 

cruelty free lipstick

Along with just generally being great products, everything listed above is cruelty free and vegan. The lush products suggested aren’t organic, but all of the EVXO vegan cosmetics are if that’s a concern. When you’re assembling your moms gifts this year, make sure to include a card telling her why you appreciate her. Whether you’re 10, 20 or 45, that woman grew you for 9-10 months and let me tell you, labor is no joke. You’ll be paying off that debt for the rest of your life, so better get started! 

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