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Building Your Self Care Box

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I’m on a constant work grind, working until 10pm-midnight or later lately. It’s so important to sneak some self care in there, so I’ve literally made myself a “Self Care” box! It’s something I can pull out when I’m having a rough day or just need some me time after the babies asleep.

What is self care, you ask? There are a couple different broad definitions, but what it essentially means is just doing things for yourself in an effort to be nice to yourself. In todays society, most of us having some sort of gnawing stress at the back of our minds on a consistent basis. Giving yourself moments of self care can ease that stress and help you better manage the difficulties in your life. 

By making yourself a little box that you can pull out that's specifically designed to calm you, self care becomes an easy and attainable thing. 

These are my “Self Care Essentials” to put into your #selfcare box!


  • Firstly, a Journal is a must have. It’s easy to get stuck with ruminating thoughts that distract you and can make you feel stuck. Taking a few minutes to write those thoughts down and get them into the physical world instead of just stuck in your brain is so calming and healing. I guarantee you’ll feel better and more prepared to tackle the issue at hand once you’ve put pen to paper!

  • Comfortable headphones! Obviously you can just play your music from your phone or whatever device you have without the use of headphones, but personally I find that the sound is better with some comfy high quality headphones and it makes me feel much more at peace.

  • Favorite candle. Personally my favorite candle is pricy as heck (anthropology) so I like to use it as a “treat yourself” type of scent. That way I A. Don’t get sick of it and B. My brain correlated that scent with it being time to wind down and relax.

  • Favorite book. Your favorite book is the one you can read over and over again without getting sick of it. Currently my favorite is The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. If you enjoy fantasy and haven’t read it, 10/10 recommend! But otherwise, toss in whatever suits your fancy and makes you feel a little better at the end of the day.

  • Snacks Snacks Snacks! Some comfort food is so vital for a self care box, but keep in mind that getting too junky with it is not self care in the long run. Something delicious but relatively healthy is key! Trail mix, dark chocolate, sunflower seeds, something nourishing for your body but that doesn’t perish quickly is what you want to look for.

  • Face mask! Would any pampering session be complete without a great face mask? A great charcoal mask or sheet mask thats non perishable and nourishing for your skin would be amazing for your box!

  • Pajamas, of course! I got the PJ’s in this photo for only $16 on amazon!!! Pajama's don't have to be expensive to be comfy, so go get yourself something cute and comfortable that helps you disconnect from your day and settle down. -Lipstick shown here is EVXO's Organic Lipstick in Purely Plum

  • Drinks! What’s your favorite drink? For me, nothing is more relaxing than peppermint tea. Peppermint tea is what my mom would make for me when I was sick, so I relate it when getting taken care of and soothed. Toss a couple tea bags in your box or whatever fits your needs!

  • How can you be relaxed with a bad taste in your mouth? Wind down by using your favorite toothpaste to start out with! Currently my fave is the Wondermint toothpaste flavor from @schmidtsnaturals and it’s amazing! My teeth have literally never looked better.

  • Finally, this is for my 21 plus fam. Tiny wines exist for a reason. Pop one of those babies in there and if you’re stressed enough, it doesn’t hurt to have a drink. Alcohol friendly adults only!!!


Of course you can use some of these tips for your box or switch it up completely depending on what suits you and your needs. What makes someone feel comforted and pampered is a completely personal thing, but I hope this post gives you a template for you to make your box! If I left anything out that you think I should add to mine, please let me know in the comments below!

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