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Organic Concealer

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Here are some highlights about EVXO's Organic Concealers: 

  • PERFECT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN- This formula is free of toxins and harmful chemicals that dry and irritate skin and eyes. Our Organic Concealer is designed to improve your skin while simultaneously keeping you looking flawless!
  • AMAZING FULL-COVERAGE - This incredibly thick vegan concealer formula will easily cover any and all skin imperfections you may have to give you a perfect, glowy finish.
  • LONG LASTING - Many natural and organic concealers have poor staying power, but you won’t have that issue with ours! EVXO Organic and cruelty free Concealers last all day long when properly set.
  • BUILDABLE COVERAGE - While this is a full coverage concealer, mix it with just a little bit of your every day liquid foundation to tone it down for an effortless, natural look.

EVXO’s Organic Petal Concealer is a multitasking skin perfector that not only fills pores but also hides unwanted skin pigmentations such as acne spots, veins and age spots, while also helping to protect your skin from sun damage! You’ll notice that this organic concealer formula is incredibly full coverage, making it perfect for covering blemishes. You can also turn it into an all over and under eye concealer by mixing it with a little bit of your everyday foundation!

This natural and organic makeup is herb-infused to impart certified organic plant pigments that give powerful anti-oxidant benefits to fight off free radicals in the skin. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients soothe, protect and heal blemished skin. For those of us with oilier skin who need occasional touch ups, our vegan concealers are the perfect size to act as a fantastic on-the-go spot treatment. So creamy and buildable, it blends effortlessly delivering a second skin coverage.

How to use our Vegan Concealer:

  1. Use your fingers or a concealer brush to apply a small amount of vegan concealer on your problem areas. As this formula is very thick, a little goes a long way!
  2. To use this product as an undereye concealer, you may find the formula is too thick. If that is the case simply mix a little bit with your EVXO organic liquid foundation and apply as you would any other concealer. Set with a powder to prevent any potential creasing.
  3. Blend easily with a wet beauty sponge, a foundation brush or just your fingers!
  4. As concealers are meant to conceal, try to avoid over blending the product.


Here's what people have to say about our Organic Petal Concealers: 

"I ordered the color light and it's perfect with my evxo foundation in nude. This brand has not disappointed me yet and this product is no different. Im acne prone so I need full coverage when it comes to concealer and this did the trick! I did notice that it creases a little under my eyes, but as long as I use a setting powder it doesn't seem to crease. I also love the qualities of the ingredients"


Ingredients: Organic Unrefined Food Grade Grapeseed Oil, Organic Unrefined Food Grade Sunflower Oil, Unrefined Avocado Oil, Organic Unrefined Nilotica Seed Butter, Food Grade Petals of Calendula, Chamomile, Rosehips, Sunflower, Fenugreek, Turmeric, Foti Root, Coffee,Uncoated Zinc Oxide,  Elderberry Extract, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Iron Oxide