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All about our new Organic Petal Concealers!!!

What do you look for in a concealer? If I had to guess, I bet you want it to… conceal. Shocker! As it turns out, that also happens to be what I look for in a concealer. While coverage is my main priority, quality ingredients are a close second. If those two factors are important to you as well, keep on reading!

As I’m writing this, I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant. We’ve all read the analysis showing how your skin soaks in whatever you put on it, such as this article from the Huffington Post ( So of course I’m going to be extra careful about what I eat and wear during this sensitive time in both mine and my babies lives.

With these standards in mind, I started looking for a concealer to add to my organic vegan makeup line. I searched every corner of the globe for the right formulator to work with me on this project, and by searched the globe I mean I googled furiously in my pajamas. I finally found someone who had the same goals as myself and we got to work! What we came up with was EVXO’s Organic Petal Concealers.

Just like with my Organic Mineral Liquid Foundation blog (which you should read if you haven’t), let’s talk about both the pro’s and the potential con’s of this product. I of course love everything I sell, but that doesn’t mean you will so let’s get into the nitty gritty so you can make an educated purchase.

The one con with this product is that because it is so thick, it can crease a little on your under eyes. To prevent this, simply make sure your skin is well moisturized, primed, and set. So basically do everything you should already be doing anyway.

Now let’s get to the pros, of which there are many. Because our Organic Liquid Mineral Foundation is light coverage, I wanted to make sure our concealer was exactly the opposite for people who need a little extra help. Our concealer is absolutely going to cover any redness and blemishes that our Liquid Foundation doesn’t, which makes the two an incredible pair! You can use a little dab on a concealer brush to cover problem spots, or you can use my favorite method which is to mix it.

When my skin is acting up and my light/medium coverage foundation just isn’t doing the trick, I take equal parts petal concealer and liquid foundation and mix it on the back of my hand, then apply with a beauty blender all over my face. Using this method, my sheer foundation becomes nearly full coverage! I love the versatility I get with these products, and I love even more that I don’t have to spend my money on a whole new foundation to get the coverage I need, especially when the coverage I need tends to vary greatly.

If our concealer sounds like it fits the bill, I hope you will give it a try! You may even find that after continued use, the concealer actually improves your skin like it did with mine.


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